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Ice House America

When Bob Alligood, an engineer who spent 30 years building one of Florida's most successful engineering firms, decided to try his hand as an entrepreneur by developing a company called Ice House America, he turned to Kreinest + Associates to get publicity for his new venture.

Bob's concept was simple, yet revolutionary: A free standing, automated ice machine that has the capability to produce fresh, fast and convenient ice on demand, anywhere there is electric and potable water access. The patented process ensures that ice is produced and stored using only food grade aluminum and is never touched by human hands. Ice is distributed via a new vertical delivery system that can dispense 20 pounds of ice in less than 10 seconds. The end result is uniform, separate cubes that are pure, fresh, fast and convenient (and at half the price of store-bought ice).

K+A developed a web presence and crafted a public relations plan that targeted local and national media. As a result, IceHouse America received national media coverage in several high profile newspaper, internet and television news programs and helped the company grow from just a handful of icehouses to more than 1100 today.